Welcome to an adventure in learning.

Keeping a journal is new to me. When I think of creating and updating a journal, I harken back to the days when people kept diaries. Journals are really no different than diaries; they are avenues where one collects their thoughts and impressions for revisiting at a later date….road maps for the mind, if you will.

My first exposure to journalling was the traditional book which held the “secrets” … which more often than not … were written by young women. In my youth, it never occurred to me to capture my experiences ( real or imagined ) in a document that someday I would review and relive through reading … times have changed. Today, journals are used to support the affective domain. Impressions uniquely capture learning events which drive reflection and ultimately lay the foundation for reflective learning.

This process is really a form of growth and renewal, and that experience has many names: Mezirow called it Transformative Learning, to Freire it was called Conscientization, to name just two individuals who have left their footprints on the beach-head of reflective learning theory.

If you are an instructor, and more specifically for this web site an ESL instructor, journalising impressions of class activity is a reflective method with benefits for professional growth that reach well beyond the lesson points. It is a method which effectively recreates and extends the classroom. However, reflection with out some form of change in practise ( what Freire called “praxis” ) is of little benefit to the reflector…and thus the reason for this web-site. It is simply a method where I can catalogue my reflections and, hopefully, initiate some form of praxis.

Journaling is a personal experience, but it is one that I am willing to share. The following pages contain my thoughts, experiences, impressions, as I grow in my practise as an ESL instructor.

I invite you to join in my learning process, and to become a part of my learning journal, so that we may grow together.



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    Looks great.

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